Tango Earrings

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Tango, it's about the road, not the destination!

There's so much rhythm in the design, we had to name them Tango!  Our Tango Earrings come to you in handcrafted sterling silver with easy on French wires.  The cylindrical shape of our medium length silver earrings ends in an fun up-turned detail at the bottom.  Black detailing highlights the rhythmic swirls that range in size from top to bottom of our Tango Earrings making them so eye catching and elegant.  Earring overall measurement from top to bottom is just over 1.75 inches and approximately 7/16 inches at the widest point.  Heading out for a Tango or just a simple stroll, you'll love these elegant and fun earrings!  Tango, it's about the road and not the destination!

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Tango Earrings

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