Drama Queen Earrings

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We all have that one friend...

Our Drama Queen Earrings come to you in handcrafted sterling silver and CZ on a French Wire.  OMGosh, you are going to love these over the top yummy earrings!  They are so much more than just silver CZ earrings, they are real standouts.  Our silver designer earrings start with a large 9x7mm oval CZ (if these were diamonds they would be around 1.86 carats in each ear!) bezel set and turned on their side.  Then the next element is a large silver droplet that has been oxidized to show off the added grain details that are just stunning.  Our designer earrings measure nearly 2.5 inches long.  If you've got an event that you need a standout pair of earrings to complete your look, or just want to be a drama queen, here's your chance! 

MSRP $84.99

Drama Queen Earrings

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