The Perfect Thumb Ring

Posted by Etta Spearman Mims on 10th Sep 2018

The Perfect Thumb Ring 

King's Crown Ring

Have you ever purchased something and then questioned your decision? 

I have.

I’ve wanted the “perfect thumb ring” for a long time. Finally ordered one and wore it all day Friday. It was so uncomfortable that by the end of the day I was second guessing my purchase and whether I’d ever wear it again. I wondered what was the company’s return policy.

Needless to say, when it hit me that the ring was named “Crown of Thorns” and that I purchased it to remind myself daily of what Christ suffered for all of us, my complaining stopped. Duh, Etta, the ring is uncomfortable? It doesn’t fit like you wanted, it actually hurts a little when the thorns hit your skin sometimes?

I’ll wear it every single day. I’ll thank God every single day that His son didn’t ask about the return policy because things weren’t comfortable.