Can Hand Sanitizer Damage Sterling Silver?
Posted by Dawn Pochek, Co-Founder Inspiranza Designs on 10th Mar 2021
Can Hand Sanitizer Damage Sterling Silver?I'm so glad you asked. We have seen an increase in damage to silver jewelry due to hand sanitizer use. While it's essential to practice good hygiene, we als … read more
Can sterling silver jewelry turn your finger green?
Posted by Dawn Pochek, Co-Founder, Inspiranza Designs on 16th May 2019
Can Jewelry Turn My Finger Green? Have you ever had a ring turn your finger green or black or wonder why some people say rings turn their fingers? In fact, as someone who has worn jewelry fo … read more
What's My Ring Size?
1st Apr 2019
I want to order one of your rings but don't know my ring size.  How do I know my ring size?We get tons of emails here at Inspiranza Designs from ladies who want to order a ring but have no idea w … read more