Angel Heart Necklace

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Strong, pure and true...

Our Angel Heart Necklace comes to you on a 16 inch rhodium plated chain but is available on longer lengths including 18, 20 and 24 inches for a small additional fee.  The feather pendant measures approximately 1.25 inches in length and has a generous hand turned shell on one side and a hand stamped floating heart on the other.  Select a single letter (limit 1 letter) above and we'll initial it for you.  Each pendant is hand-stamped, which means it has character and beauty along with a personalized style.  Celebrate the Angel Heart of all the ladies in your tribe, and don't forget you have an Angel Heart too!

Please note that every Inspiranza Designs personalized piece is made to order from start to finish, completely by hand and it is not machine engraved. Therefore, not only is every piece made with love, intention and our full attention, but, also, no two pieces are made exactly alike.  Will the letters/numbers on a personalized piece be perfectly straight and centered?  More often then not the letters are not perfectly straight, resulting in a handmade organic feel.  Personalized or stamped items are not returnable due to the nature of hand stamped style.

MSRP $59.99 in 16" length

Sterling silver Angel Heart Necklace

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